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Preparing Yourself for Worship

I haven’t blogged in awhile simply because I’ve been too busy. Lately though, I’ve been reading a book entitled Gospel Worship by Jeremiah Burroughs 1599-1646. He speaks long and hard about how we need to prepare ourselves to worship God. He used the verse “Among those who approach Me, I will show Myself holy” – Lev. 10:3. He says because of this verse we need to take regular times to set ourselves aside in preparation for the worship of God. The question then arises as to when do I know I am duly prepared in my heart for worship? Burroughs writes, “If, therefore when you come to worship God, God has more of your heart than ever any creature in the world has, God accepts that, and that you must look unto. Can you say when you go to worship God, ‘Lord, it is true, there is much weakness in my spirit but Thou who knowest all things know that Thou has more of my heart than ever any creature in the world has.'” (p83) This is another great example of God’s wonderful grace. We need to me extremely mindful to prepare ourselves and He as always makes up the difference. God is so wonderful!


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