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Who Is God?

Even though most people believe in God, there’s a good chance they don’t really know who he is.

All through history, people have worshiped all sorts of gods. Many times they would create gods that fit what was happening in their lives. They might have had a god of the hunt to help out when they went hunting or a god of battle to help them when they fought a war. Not a bad idea…I could have used a “god of the kiss” to help out when I kissed a girl for the first time, but that’s an entirely different story.

Although a custom-made god for various situations may seem pretty cool, it’s not the way it is. The Bible makes it clear that there is one true God. Yep, one God who spoke the heavens into existence, created people out of dirt, and holds the world in his hand.

In the Bible, God says he is the “First and the Last…the Beginning and the End” (Revelation 22:13). In other words, God has always been and will always be…there is no beginning or end to God because, well, because he is the beginning and the end! Wow, think about that for a second…but not too long, or else your brain will start to hurt.

Here are a few other cool things about God: God knows everything, is everywhere at one time, is all-powerful, and is the source of all creation. But here’s the best part: God wants a relationship with you and has a plan for your life! Imagine that…the all-knowing, all-powerful, everywhere-at-once God knows you and hopes you’ll want to know him. How do you get to know God? By reading the Bible, by getting to know Jesus (Jesus is God in human form…God in a bod!), by talking to God in prayer, and stuff like that.

It takes faith to believe in the one true God. It isn’t always a popular route to take. But even though we’ll never know and understand everything about him, we can know that he’s ready, willing, and able to be a part of our lives!

** Taken from “My Faith” by Kurt Johnston and Mark Oestreicher, copyright 2007


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“God is the perfect poet, Who in his person acts his own creations.” ~ Robert Browning

“Jesus is God spelling Himself out in language that men can understand.” ~ S.D. Gordon


52% of all statistics are false.

copyright 2007 :: Youth Specialties


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