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1. Something for Your Heart
2. Surf Report
3. Forgettable Fact
4. Potent Quotables
5. Parting Shot



Israel’s arrogance testifies against him, but despite all this
he does not return to the LORD his God or search for him.

Hosea 7:10

How real is your love for God? Do you believe in him when things are going bad just like you do when things are going great? Are you aware of him in your daily life, or is he just someone you think about for an hour or two on Sundays? Are you confident that you know him well, or is he really just an acquaintance to you?
One more question: If someone treated you the way you treat God, would you believe that person really loved you?
Faking a relationship with God isn’t hard to do. You just need to know a little about the Bible…sprinkle a few Christian phrases in your conversations…maintain an upbeat attitude…and pretend to care about other people’s problems. With a little effort, you could fool your parents, your youth leader, your girlfriend, and even your closest friends into believing that you’re a faithful follower of Christ–when, in reality, you’re nothing more than a spiritual poseur.
The two people you can’t fool are you and God. If you don’t have the fire of God’s Holy Spirit in your heart, there’s no way you can convince yourself that you do. And since God knows everything, he’s not capable of being fooled.
That’s why putting on a Christian act is ridiculous. Other people’s opinions of your spiritual condition mean absolutely nothing in the long run. So you’re left with a choice: either start a genuine relationship with God or abandon the whole Christian scene altogether.
Do yourself a favor: choose the first option. Stop trying to act like you think a Christian should act and start living according to God’s Word. Stop trying to get credit for your spiritual resume` and start trying to please God with your life.
In other words…stop talking the talk and start walking the walk.
For more about how you can please God, check out Hosea 6:1-6.

“Walking the walk” and “talking the talk” are pretty common phrases–especially among Christians. But here are a few verb-noun combos that aren’t nearly as well known. Can you believe that people actually say these?
1. Chalking the chalk
2. Stalking the stalk
3. Boring the bore
4. Ducking the duck
5. Winding the wind
6. Jamming the jam
7. Hiding the hide
8. Creeping the creep
9. Freaking the freak
10. Teaching the teach


~ Deal or No Deal: It’s online, and just as addictive as the TV show!

~ Ugly Betty Design Contest: Design a dress and it could appear on the show!

The energy of a discharge of an electric eel could start 50 cars.


“Once you become aware that the main business that you are here for is to know God, most of life’s problems fall into place of their own accord.”
– J.I. Packer

“The future is as bright as the promises of God.”

– Adoniram Judson

All generalizations are false.


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